A California State of Emergency has been declared. Act now!

Restore the power you need today,
and safeguard for the future

Experiencing rolling blackouts or brownouts in your area of California?

You may qualify for a FREE backup generator for the next 7 YEARS!

With rolling blackouts and brownouts continuing across California as fire season causes power outages, now’s the time for a short term investment in backup and emergency power for your commercial or industrial facility—for 2020’s PSPS and beyond.

How it Works:

Immediate backup services

Leading Edge Power Solutions will provide you with a natural gas generator for immediate dispatch to your commercial/industrial facility, for short-term use.

Proactive PSPS Planning

You get to go right back to work, and so do we. We immediately start work analyzing your electrical site load to determine if you qualify for no cost, long-term, natural gas backup generator AND PEAK SHAVING that’s clean, quiet, reliable and South Coast AQMD-compliant.

Future blackout/brownout security

With a finished model of your facility, Leading Edge Power Solutions can start the installation of your 7-year natural gas backup and peak shaving generator solution—at no cost!*
*Pending a customer load analysis

Contact us TODAY for your immediate backup generator needs.